What it can't get I can't use

A little something for the weekend...

Well, if you're an English arts organisation wanting to become parts of Arts Council England's National Portfolio, you've not got long to finish honing those 3000 word descriptions of what you do and how you'll help ACE achieve their goals by doing it. I thought a little fantastic music might be a spur or just some light relief if you've just pressed submit, or mistakenly think this song is not deadly serious.

Try as I might I couldn’t find a song that said ‘Strategic partnership – that’s what I want’. (Suppose I could have gone with ‘Come together’, but I have allergy to the Beatles - and no, they didn't write this song, Berry 'Motown' Gordy and Janie Bradford did. I once won a fiver over that. Barratt Strong did the original, though there's a great version by Uncle Smokey and the Miracles too.)

As well as giving you 2.33 seconds of delight or irritation, this video might also be a reminder of a few things:

• For all talk of shared mission, money is what it is, and can mean different things to different people, but you should never forget it's there
• Clarity of what you both want is key to the funded/funder relationship

• Don’t mistake behaviour for intent

• There was a time when avant-garde musicians could combine humour and seriousness AND get in the charts and Top of the Pops. (and this in the days when you had to sell serious numbers to get in the top ten.)

But mainly it's for fun.
Do you know, each of those bullet points is a word in the word count...