Out of time: another bit of a round up

This post is a quick catch up on a few things which deserve more attention but aren’t likely to get it from me anytime soon unless someone finds some spare time/energy.

The National Plan for Music Education has been published. There’s lots in it that’s sensible, and it’s good it’s there, albeit on seriously diminished resources, and continues the diminishing of local authorities as deliverers of services. People who know more about the subject than me have responded to it: Katherine Zesserson,  Marc JaffreyMaking Music and Incorporated Society of Musicians.

Volcano Theatre have published Emergence,  a really interesting report from a conference on the arts and climate change – good format and provoking content. 

Marina Abramovic has provoked a revealing little storm about artists payment, conditions and status by asking dancers and performers to be part of a corporate fundraiser for $150 – naked, vulnerable to potential donors. So much to say about this: artist unions, what happens when performance art moves from the artist’s body to others, philanthropic fundraising. 

And finally... I saw this sign in a business school:

 Draw your own conclusions about our future business leaders...