What segment are you?

If you have a few minutes to spare and want to amuse yourself by finding what segment of Arts Council England's arts audiences segments you might fit into, have a look at 'What Segment Am I?', an on-line quiz. It feels like a rather unscientific way in to some good research - why does the participation question not ask about making music or writing, for instance, given how common both are? - but so long as you don't take it too seriously, you might find it fun. 

Segments are always tricky, of course, especially when you read that people with your profile typically enjoy Come Dine With Me. But there's enough accuracy there to give most people something to think about. I come out as an Urban Arts Eclectic. These people are typically
'Highly qualified, affluent, and in the early stages of their career, Urban arts eclectic are dynamic, and believe in seizing life’s opportunities. You seek new experiences through travel and food, and have an interest in other cultures. You describe yourself as optimistic, creative and open-minded.'

Whilst not all those adjectives apply, it does fit, and it's reassuring to remember I am in the early stages of my career. (My twitter stream seemed to reveal quite a lot of highly engaged Traditional Culture Vultures who hadn't realized they were quite so old...)  If nothing else I was reminded that my own arts habits are unusual - only 3% of the population engage in this way. I suspect many people who work in the arts are similar - if anything I am always thinking of the things I miss.This perhaps makes it harder for us to understand the majority who aren't so bothered, and can lead to a kind of blindness to other views. Maybe we need to find the Quiet Pint with the Match people within us, or within our staff? (Mine's not too far below the surface.)

You can see the full report here