Brave New World: keynote + hand-scribbled notes


Above is the set of slides for the keynote I gave to the Arts Marketing Association conference on Wednesday - click through to the Slideshare site and you can see the text too - everything bar the bit when I made people put their hands in the air and most of the ... well, I'd hesitate to call them jokes, lets go for smartarsed asides shall we? I got some great feedback on it, which is always a relief, and had some interesting conversations around it later. I also got absolutely rightly nabbed for avoiding things which rhyme (like survive/thrive) whilst promulgating an acronym - it's a fair cop, guv. Anyway, thought I'd experiment by sharing it here. Thanks to Julie Aldridge from the AMA for asking me to do it, and for creative conversations along the way - and to the people who came to the session in January I wrote about here that very much informed my thinking.

I had a great time at the conference, met some grand people, and heard some really great speakers. Notes from the trusty P-Pad include:
  • Toxicity of the word 'arts' in tv (Matthew Cain)
  • away from marketing as the last mile (Will McInnes)
  • The Contextualisation Gap between knowledge of art and diversity of art (Jerry Yoshimoto)
  • 'Ukuleles not a good a idea and we shouldn't have done it' (I disagree, by the way, not sure about other former members of the ACENE Management Team Ukulele Orchestra.)
  • Only 2 cultural sites in top 1000 websites in UK (National Archives and National Trust)
  • Not about numbers, it's about patterns
  • Social media doesn't drive traffic to websites (I know this to be true from difference between twitter followers and views of this site)
  • Must set up Google Analytics better (Jane Finnis presentation)
  • Start to use more/properly
There was much much more I didn't write down.