Movingpictures 6: Make your own damn art world

This is a gentle little film from the Guardian website about Bob and Roberta Smith. A few years ago he helped create an event at mima in Middlesbrough called 'Make Your Own Damn Art World', which has since become one of my mottos. At the actual event I agreed to act as the Banker and my son and I gave out monopoly-style money to people, which they could give to the best artists in the art fair that day - or just to their friends or relatives if they wanted to, not that the art world is like that really, obviously. His work makes me laugh and think, which is not something I can say often enough about contemporary visual arts. I do also find it rather beautiful, in a ramshackle way. 


  1. I agree totally. I saw some of his work at Baltic. I like work that is real, honest, inspiring and funny. Sometimes I get fed up with pretentious art talk.


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