Movingpictures 5: poetry for the busy senior executive?

According to my MBTI profile, I am, amongst other things, 'pressure-prompted'. To help keep the poet in me alive I put myself under the pressure of doing a performance at Arc's Scratch night - next week. This has been a great spur to writing and rewriting and working up a performance based on parts of a sequence called The Dunno Elegies. I'm looking forward to it very much, albeit with a hint of terror as I'm trying to do some things I've not done before, and the other people sound like proper performers and I'm just an easily-bored poet. (I actually did a couple of scratch nights at Arc's ancestor Dovecot Arts Centre way back - as Scratch was the name of a poetry magazine I founded in 1989 and ran for nearly a decade and we did some launches there. Strange echo.)

Anyway, I've been thinking about poetry and audiences, and this video made me laugh. It's Fry & Laurie as young-and-pythonesque, rather than National Treasure and US Star Singing The Blues but all the better for that. It also contains a great idea - if Inpress don't come out with a Travelling Poetry Bag soon I'll be sorely disappointed.