Movingpictures 1: Richard Ford

This is the first in a new regular feature on the Thinking Practice blog, short videos shared from YouTube, or elsewhere, which have some ideas about art or the arts that I find stimulating or, sometimes, just entertaining, and which may set you off on your own discoveries. If you subscribe they should pop in your inbox on a Wednesday morning as a little mid-week pick-me-up. I promise that they won't all be old songs, in fact few of them will be, but can't guarantee none of them will be!

The first is one of my favourite novelists, Richard Ford on language. Amongst other things he quotes Denis Donoghue: 'language is where we find value most compellingly in action'. That's a powerful thing to remember. he also describes how for the creative writer, that might often means finding the right word with the right number of syllables and aspirants.