Season's greetings

I'm out of here until the New Year. Last year I managed 94 blog posts on Arts Counselling. This year's combined total is 57, though with slightly more visitors - almost 6000. The subscriber list has also quickly overtaken that of Arts Counselling.

Why has Thinking Practice been less prolific than Arts Counselling, I hear you ask? Well, it may be as simple as that I have done many fewer trips to London on the train, which is when many of my Arts Counselling blogs were knocked off - I mean carefully crafted. (You do not want to know how often regional ACE execs have to go to London.) Also I've been even busier than I expected working on with some great clients.

Anyway, I hope to keep a rhythm of about one post a week in the New Year, and will be sprucing up the blog and website soon. Whether you're one of the people who've been here more than 200 times, or one of those who just swing by occasionally - thank you. (Thanks especially to the subscribers - it's a spur to writing to know it'll be in your inbox the next day.) But now go and do something else - it's Christmas!