2010 and all that

I’ve seen at least two lists-cum-looks-back at the year which have begun ‘I don’t like lists and rounds ups of the year...’. Well, I do like lists and things which make me look back and look to see if I’ve missed something, and anyway, it’s my blog and I’ll list if I want to...

Queue I Wished I’d Joined: The queue to sit opposite Marina Abramovich at moma in New York. The same, rather selfish man was there the whole time we were in the museum, with a very patient queue waiting. Some amazing photos of that work here (Marina Abramovich Made Me Cry) - and a parody here . (Marina Abramovich Made Me High.)

Brassed Up Award for Best Use of a Tuba: Cornelia Parker’s Perpetual Canon at BALTIC. (See a picture here.)

(My Belated) Poetry Discovery of the Year: Albert Goldbarth – fantastic US poet I stocked up on when there, but discovered thanks to the Poetry Trust. See some of his shorter work here. he specialises in very long, but entertaining and resonant poems.

Basho Award for Poetic Tweeting: (@ArtsThink) Andrew Nairne. The un-Goldbarth, with a penchant for skies.

Sgt Pepper Let-me-introduce-you Award for Networking: Marcus Romer for Artsfunding et al

Best Excuse for Using the Word Proustian: Orhan Pamuk’s novel ‘The Museum of Innocence’, next to which everything else I read this year seemed timid, despite the odd (Proustian) languor.

Milking it with Panache Award for Longest Birthday Celebrations: 40 year old Northern Stage

Album of the year: 'Measure' by Field Music, which also featured the aphorism of of the year: ‘Them That Do Nothing Make No Mistakes’. (Hence the video above, featured on Arts Counselling in February, but worth repeating.)

Mark E. Smith Award for Repetition, Repetition and Repetition: the Tory-led Coalition for ‘we’re all in this together’ and ‘the deficit is nothing to do with banks, it’s that greedy public sector’

Immaculate Barndoor Award for Missing the Target: David Shrigley’s Save the Arts video

Bonus track/surprise award of the night:

Franz Kafka Memorial Award for Metamorphosis: Nick Clegg and the Lib Dems.