RIP Frank Sidebottom/take your mind off the budget/the football

Well, it's budget day and the England World Cup campaign is in disarray, so we need something to make us smile other than imagining the French squad going on strike and letting Bafana Bafana thrash them tonight. Hopefully the above video of Frank Sidebottom's world cup song 'Three Shirts on my Line' will take your mind off George Osbourne. Sadly, Frank Sidebottom - or Chris Sievey as even his mum probably never called him - passed away yesterday, so this is also by way of noting his passing.

If you think this is nothing to do with art you probably never saw Frank - and Little Frank - on Tony 'Factory Records' Wilson's tea-time quiz show - the nearest thing to the dada Cabaret Voltaire I'll ever see. There are bits on youtube, but they're not as madly great (or as relevant for Budget Day) as the clip below: Frank and David 'Hutch off of Starsky & Hutch' Soul covering (more like plastering) The Fall's Hit The North.