One month in

April has not exactly been the cruellest month, all things considered. My first month of running Thinking Practice has gone by in a flash, though with slightly less blogging than I might have hoped. This has been because it's been damned busy. Here's some of what I've done since Easter:

- Interviewed 65 people about culture in County Durham during the research phase of my first big piece of work
- Presented some of my resilience research at an 'Intelligent Funding' seminar in Newcastle organised by Mission Money Model and Northern Rock Foundation
- Chaired a session at a seminar on internationalism in arts policy organised by the Swallows Partnership
- Contributed to the Redcar Cultural Forum
- Facilitated a board away day
- Done my first coaching sessions with clients

I've also managed to fit in a farewell dinner for the old ACE Executive Board, setting up my office and business, agreeing to joining the board of the organisation that runs the AV Festival, extended my membership of the Tees Common Purpose advisory group, had my first board meeting as Chair of the Swallows Foundation UK, as well as the usual family and sporting running around.So if it's not been busy on the Thinking Practice blog, I hope you'll understand why!

May will see more regular posting, so do spread the word about the new site.