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A couple of people I've worked closely with over the last few years have just started blogs - must have been a New Year thing - so I thought I'd give them a mention and also point out the new blogroll feature on the site. (Right hand side, down a bit... Email subscribers, that only works if you click through to the site, obviously) It's not comprehensive and doesn't aim to be, but will hopefully be useful to you. If you think I'm missing out on the most amazing blog or ideas site, then let me know.

The people I mentioned are Tom Shakespeare, who used to be my chair at Arts Council England, North East, and Alison Clark-Jenkins, who was one of the Directors there and is now the regional Director. Tom's site is a set of short biographies of important people with disabilities from world history, and can be found here. The site takes its name Our statures touch the skies from an Emily Dickinson poem. I can see the book already.

Alison's site is called Arts and Everyone, for obvious reasons. The credo seems to be 'let's talk about it', which is a good one. I really hope she starts a trend for blogging Arts Council staff - something I singularly failed to do when I tried.


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